Natural Solutions for Thyroid Concerns

NOTE:  ALL programs should begin with the following three items:

1)  Shaklee Vita-Lea   2)  Raw Protein   3)  Optiflora


IF POSSIBLE:  Begin with Shaklee’s Vitalizing Pack which includes: Vita-Lea, B-Complex, Vitamin-E, Vitamin-C, Omega 3 fatty acids, Flavoniods, Carotinoids and Optiflora AND Shaklee Life Energizing protein shake

What’s the cost for all that nutrition?  $4.80  a day, if on Autoship and a Shaklee member


THEN:  ADD the three items listed first when dealing with the ailments listed below.



(highlighted items are not found in Vitalizer)

Investigate progesterone deficiency

  1. ALFALFA: good source of balanced iodine
  2. LECITHIN: essential for thyroid hormone production
  3. VITAMIN C: essential for glandular health; speeds tissue healing & connective tissue integrity
  4. ZINC: essential for glandular health
  5. B COMPLEX: essential for glandular health
  6. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: powerful free radical scavenger
  7. CorENERGY (Ginseng/Cordeceps):  for energy
  8. CoEnzymeQ10:  energize every cell, protects organs, especially heart




(highlighted items are not found in Vitalizer)

  1. B COMPLEX: essential to nourish the hypothalamus gland
  2. VITAMIN C: reduces degeneration of cellular tissue in gland
  3. VITAMIN E + SELENIUM: powerful free radical scavenger – reduces degeneration of cellular tissue
  4. GARLIC: anti-oxidant for immune support; anti-inflammatory
  5. CAROTOMAX: immune support
  6. GLA: anti-inflammatory; immune support, aids hormone imbalance


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Shaklee has a long history of innovating through science and looking to nature with breakthroughs that are now just a part of our everyday lives.

In 1915, visionary Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee invented Vitalized Minerals, one of the first multivitamin supplements in the world. Today, open any cupboard and you’re likely to find multivitamins there.

Since Dr. Shaklee’s first multivitamins, dozens of innovative products have taken shape under the brand.

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