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Do you take Supplements?

I have been taking supplements pretty regularly now for nearly two years, with some weeks being better than others.

As a vegetarian who eats a primarily plant-based diet, I get plenty of fruits, veggies, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates.

I prepare most of my meals in advance to ensure that I am getting good nutrition. However, I eat out about once a week andthere are some days that my schedule is so hectic, I don’t eat full complete meals or get derailed due to stress or unforeseen circumstances.

No matter how well we eat, it is still very difficult to get all of the essential nutrients from what is on our plates on a daily basis.

I currently take VitaLea from Shaklee.  It gives me 100% or more of the daily vitamins and minerals that I need.  I also take an additional B-Complex a few times a week, as I know that my nearly-vegan diet does not always give me enough. Shaklee also has amazing supplement packs, Vitalizer! These strips provide 100% or more of daily vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants, anti-aging phytonutrients, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics, all in ONE daily serving.


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There are a LOT of companies that manufacture vitamins. What I love about Shaklee is that their supplements aren’t made in China like many others, they use only the freshest ingredients from local farmers, and they are produced in California.

It is so difficult to find a company that you can trust with the health of your family. Most people don’t know where to start with researching a company.

The internet is great, but it’s hard to find an unbiased opinion. I recommend contacting the companies directly and getting the information you need. So I’ve done the work for you-all you have to do is pick up the phone!

Here is a quick list of 5 questions to ask a company before buying their supplements. I’ve even added the names and phone numbers of some of the more popular supplement companies to make it a little easier on you.

1. Are your final products organic and free of pesticides, herbicides and chemicals? “Natural” and “organic” simply will not cut it.  They cannot just ‘start out’ organic. The “Organic” farm listed on the website does not tell you anything about the finished product.  The pill or shake that you put in your mouth must be without any pesticides, herbicides, metals, chemicals, GMO, antibiotics, growth hormones, etc. HOW DO THEY PROVE THE FINISHED PRODUCT IS FREE OF THESE CONTAMINANTS?

2. What are the ingredients in the product, and what country did they come from? 90% of supplement ingredients come from China where banned pesticides and chemicals are used. Remember, when its “natural” and out of the ground, the chemicals and sprays come along with the ride and never leave.

3. Is EACH bottle (NOT random testing) proven to be free from pesticides, heavy metals and lead? Where is the scientific information to back up that claim and who tests it? It must be a 3rd party NOT associated with the company (which would be like asking a 4th grader to check his own schoolwork).

4. Who is doing the clinical studies on their products? It must be associations not receiving profits from the sale of the product. Ask for copies and there must be more than 1 or 2 clinical studies done. What doctors are doing the research or on the board?  MAKE SURE THE DOCTORS DO NOT OWN THE COMPANY.

5. Have results from studies of this product been published in trusted medical journals? For example: Clinical studies must be on the actual bottled juice, not clinical studies on the berries before juicing. Example of medical journals include: JAMA and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Do not trust journals that are made up or have no meaning in the scientific community.

Here are the phone numbers to contact these companies directly:

Isagenix: 1-877-877-8111                                      MonaVie: -1-866-956-1848

Body-by-Vi: 1-877-847-2587                                Juice Plus- no corporate #

Shaklee: 1-800-SHAKLEE                                       Melaleuca: 1-800-742-8094

Mannatech: 1-888-346-4636                               Body Wise: 1-800-830-9596

Herbalife: 1-866-866-4744                                   Advocare: 1-800-542-4800

New Chapter: 1-800-543-7249                            Shakeology: 1-800-818-5174

Standard Process: 1-800-558-8740                     Qivana: 1-800-378-0198


Do some of these questions surprise you? Are they questions you would have never thought to have asked about the vitamins you are taking? Do these questions make you think twice about the vitamins you are taking?

It is up to us to give the best to our families and ourselves and make sure we are not throwing money down the toilet. Make sure to take the time to research what you are putting in your body!


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